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Product #1: The Stroke of the Futurestroke of_the_future

 The Stroke of the Future is an instructional putting video featuring 10 time PGA Tour Winner Steve Elkington and Dynalign Instructor Craig Foster. In the video, they discuss how Dynalign was developed, why it works, how to use the system on the putting green, and implement the system into your putting arsenal. The video is 54 minutes and includes four different versions of the video, assuring you can watch it wherever you may be.

What's Included

  • Stroke of the Future - mp4 version (Quicktime Player)
  • Stroke of the Future - wmv version (Windows Media Player)
  • Stroke of the Future - iPad version 
  • Stroke of the Future - iPhone version
  • Dynalign Quick Start Guide PDF (45 Pages)
  • Full Transcript of Stroke of the Future (53 Pages)

Product #2: Tour Quality Short Gametourqualityshortgameelk (2)

Tour Quality Short Game is an instructional video featuring 10 Time PGA Tour Winner and Major Champion, Steve Elkington. In the video, Elkington covers all areas of the short game, from choosing your equipment, chipping, pitching, half wedge shots, lob shots, bunker play, and much more. Running Time is 55 mins.

  • Chapter 1: Know Your Bounce
  • Chapter 2: Chipping
  • Chapter 3: Pitching
  • Chapter 4: Evaluating Which Shot to Hit
  • Chapter 5: Bunker Shots
  • Chatper 6: 50 Yard Wedge Shot
  • Chapter 7: Deep Rough
  • Chapter 8: Troubleshooting The Short Game

What's Included

  • Tour Quality Short Game - WMV Version (Windows Media Player)
  • Tour Quality Short Game - MP4 Version (Quicktime Player)
  • Tour Quality Short Game - iPhone and iPad versions
  • Full PDF Transcript
  • MP3 Audio Interview with Steve Elkington - Sevam1 interviews Elk about equipment, famous shots, great players, Elk’s most memorable short game moments, and more

Product #3: The Reality of Puttingecover2-300x285

The Reality of Putting is an instructional video made by Steve Elkington and Geoff Mangum. It covers all areas of putting, from choosing a putter to reading the green, visualization, speed, touch, and much more. The running time is 1 hour.

  • Chapter 1: Finding the Fall Line
  • Chapter 2: Establishing the "Base Line"
  • Chapter 3: Three Ways to Confirm the Break
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the Optimal Delivery Speed
  • Chapter 5: Utilizing Rhythm for Distance Control
  • Chapter 6: Biomechanics of Putting Motion
  • Chapter 7: Selecting the Best Putter for You
  • Chapter 8: "True Roll" the ball with any putter loft
  • Chapter 9: Aim Your Stroke Action
  • Chapter 10: Biomechanics of Checking where the Putter face is aiming

What's Included

  • The Reality of Putting Quick Start Guide PDF
  • The Reality of Putting - WMV Version (Windows Media Player)
  • The Reality of Putting - Mp4 Version (Quicktime Player)
  • The Reality of Putting - iPad Version

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