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most powerful move in golf


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The Most Powerful Move in Golf

Power in the Golf Swing

We all know how elusive a powerful golf swing can be.

Read a tip here, get a story on the range there. It adds up to very little by the end of the day. How can we learn to hit it farther and keep the power round after round?

There’s one man who know’s the answer… Martin Ayers.

With The Most Powerful Move in your arsenal, you’ll be able to:

  • Smash it farther than you ever did before..
  • Outdrive your friends..
  • Hit those short par 4?s in one shot..
  • Hit shorter irons into the greens

…And most importantly, Enjoy the Game more!

We’ve produced this film to allow you to go straight out to the course and instantly apply Martin’s Methods.

About The Most Powerful Move

The Most Powerful Move in Golf is a golf instructional video featuring 10 Time PGA Tour Winner Steve Elkington, Golf Instructor Martin Ayers, and internet sensation "Sevam1". The three collaborated on this video to bring you the keys to adding power to your swing, once and for all. Running Time is 90 Mins

Chapter Breakdown:

Chapter 1: The Beginning'

Chapter 2: The Address - With One Motion in Mind

Chapter 3: The Backswing - The Start of the Motion

Chapter 4: The Backswing - Loading the Right Forearm

Chapter 5: The Backswing - Clubface Awareness

Chapter 6: The Backswing - Aiming the Right Arm

Chapter 7: The Downswing - Continuing the Circle

Chapter 8: The Downswing - Going Straight Down to the Ball

Chapter 9: Putting it All Together

Chapter 10: Alternative - Going the Other Way

Chapter 11: Short Game

Chapter 12: Conclusions

What's Included

  • The Most Powerful Move in Golf - WMV Version (Windows Media Player)
  • The Most Powerful Move in Golf - Mp4 Version (Quicktime Player)
  • The Most Powerful Move in Golf - iPad Version 
  • Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • Martin Ayers Bonus Footage - Mp4 Version
  • Martin Ayers Bonus Footage - WMV Version

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