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“I found Geoff on the internet, got him to come to Houston in the off season

and help me with my putting……1st time I’ve ever been in the top 10

in putting on tour in 25 years.” - Steve Elkington

The Key to Putting

There’s a problem today with most putting instruction. Putting for hours on end is not only tedious for most golfers, but they rarely have a clear direction to their putting practice.

Putting is an art and a science. You should be learning and developing your skills from people who’s methods have a proven track record. Without clear goals in mind for your putting, you can spend hours upon hours working on it, and not really see any improvement.

Instead of going to for quantity of time spent on the range, go for quality. If the flatstick is your friend, you can always be competetive. Without it, there is little chance your handicap will go down over the long run.

Spend an hour with Steve Elkington and Geoff Mangum to learn the keys to good putting and how to conquer that all-important part of the game. “Drive for show, putt for dough” as the saying goes.

Inside The Reality of Putting

The Reality of Putting is an instructional video made by Steve Elkington and Geoff Mangum. It covers all areas of putting, from choosing a putter to reading the green, visualization, speed, touch, and much more. The running time is 1 hour.

After watching The Reality of Putting, you will Learn to

  • Read Greens Like a Professional 
  • Make Those Pressure Packed Eagle and Birdie Putts 
  • Learn to Visualize More Putts Going In, and Feel More Confident on the Green 
  • Learn to Anticipate the Optimal Speed for Putting on any Green 
  • Learn the Very Same Material That Steve Elkington Used to Win almost $1,000,000 on the PGA Tour in 2010!
Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1: Finding the Fall Line

Chapter 2: Establishing the "Base Line"
Chapter 3: Three Ways to Confirm the Break

Chapter 4: Understanding the Optimal Delivery Speed

Chapter 5: Utilizing Rhythm for Distance Control

Chapter 6: Biomechanics of Putting Motion

Chapter 7: Selecting the Best Putter for You

Chapter 8: "True Roll" the ball with any putter loft

Chapter 9: Aim Your Stroke Action

Chapter 10: Biomechanics of Checking where the Putter face is aiming

What's Included

  • The Reality of Putting Quick Start Guide PDF
  • The Reality of Putting - WMV Version (Windows Media Player)
  • The Reality of Putting - Mp4 Version (Quicktime Player)
  • The Reality of Putting - iPad Version
The Reality of Putting

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