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"The guy that chips the best knows the most" -Steve Elkington. 


The Importance of the Short Game

 The short game is everything! Its proven that the majority of the game takes place within 100 yards. Putting plays a big part, but so does the short game. Would you rather face a 12-footer for par or a 3-footer? The more you can improve your game around the green, the less pressure you'll have to put on your putting.

But improving your short game is not about hitting full wedge shots at the range. There are timeless fundamentals you must learn first, before you can build upon those and truly get creative with this part of the game. After watching this video, you'll know which shot to hit, how to hit it, and how to make sure it rolls up nice and close to the hole. 

Steve Elkington has been fortunate to have played with some of the greatest short game artists ever, like Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer, and many others. And now, he's passing that wisdom along through Tour Quality Short Game.  

Inside Tour Quality Short Game 

Tour Quality Short Game is an instructional video featuring 10 Time PGA Tour Winner and Major Champion, Steve Elkington. In the video, Elkington covers all areas of the short game, from choosing your equipment, chipping, pitching, half wedge shots, lob shots, bunker play, and much more. Running Time is 55 mins.

Chapter 1: Know Your Bounce

Chapter 2: Chipping

Chapter 3: Pitching

Chapter 4: Evaluating Which Shot to Hit

Chapter 5: Bunker Shots

Chatper 6: 50 Yard Wedge Shot

Chapter 7: Deep Rough

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting The Short Game

What's Included

  • Tour Quality Short Game - WMV Version (Windows Media Player)
  • Tour Quality Short Game - MP4 Version (Quicktime Player)
  • Tour Quality Short Game - iPhone and iPad versions
  • Full PDF Transcript
  • MP3 Audio Interview with Steve Elkington - Sevam1 interviews Elk about equipment, famous shots, great players, Elk’s most memorable short game moments, and more


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