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The Importance of Alignment

How often have you gone through periods where you felt you were a great putter, only to have it disappear? How often have you felt uncomfortable over those three and four footers, and you didn't know why? 

Many people analyze their stroke and try to figure out what they are doing wrong. Others go out an buy a new putter, hoping that will cure their woes. Instead, what if you could learn a system that would guarantee you align yourself perfectly over the ball, every time you putt? Steve Elkington has teamed up with Craig Foster to bring you an easy to use, revolutionary new alignment system that will assure your body, hands, arms, and putter will be aligned perfectly, every time you step over the ball on the green. 

Inside Stroke of the Future you will discover the history and origin behind Dynalign (short for dynamic alignment), created by Craig Foster. You will also discover how to bring this system right into play immediately. This system will help to get the machinery of your body into an efficient, repeatable address position every time. 

Steve Elkington saw the potential in this system when he was first introduced to the idea. Steve Elkington first worked with Craig Foster back in 2011, and during the year Elkington's putting stats proved that the work had paid off. Using the Dynalign system in 2011, Elkington was 368/368 inside of 4 feet, a perfect 100% for the year.

stroke of the future ipadInside Stroke of the Future

 The Stroke of the Future is an instructional putting video featuring 10 time PGA Tour Winner Steve Elkington and Dynalign Instructor Craig Foster. In the video, they discuss how Dynalign was developed, why it works, how to use the system on the putting green, and implement the system into your putting arsenal. The video is 54 minutes and includes four different versions of the video, assuring you can watch it wherever you may be.

What's Included

  • Stroke of the Future - mp4 version (Quicktime Player)
  • Stroke of the Future - wmv version (Windows Media Player)
  • Stroke of the Future - iPad version 
  • Stroke of the Future - iPhone version
  • Dynalign Quick Start Guide PDF (45 Pages)
  • Full Transcript of Stroke of the Future (53 Pages)

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