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The Sequence: What Moves When

Featuring Steve Elkington and Introducing Paul Kopp

A two part video download

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The Story Behind "The Sequence"

In 1996 Steve Elkington met a man. That man's name is Paul Kopp and from him Elk learned a number of things about the golf swing. He also learned some drills. Not just any drills. This was rather more intense than what one might encounter from the average “Pop Instructor” shelling out quick and dirty information in your average golf magazine. Mr. Kopp had gone to a completely different level and made one of the most intense studies imaginable. He tracked and analyzed each and every moving part in the swing and then he went one step further. He developed a drill to ingrain each small detail of the swing motion. These details combined themselves through repetition in a bigger picture… into a collected whole. Through drills he created he taught himself the golf swing.

Back in ’96, what was interesting was that these drills that were designed to give an average person the acquired skills to hit golf balls were paying huge dividends for Steve Elkington, at the time one of the best golfers in the world.

In fact, Elk was actually completing sets of some of the key drills mid-round during tournaments. During many events, some of which he won, at moments when his swing was not feeling exactly right, he would actually walk off of the course to complete sets of repetitions in solitude. Through this he was effectively able to reclaim his golf swing mid round. The Doral Ryder Open and the Players Championship, which he won that year by a whopping 7 strokes, were two such cases.

Paul Kopp does not teach the golf swing. He teaches golfers how to discover their own best golf swing for themselves. A profound idea, for sure, but one that is also real.

Since 1996, when Paul first shared his information with Mr. Elkington, he has further tested and perfected his sequencing drills. The fundamentals he has studied and the drills he created to give golfers the ability to learn the golf swing for themselves are now available in a 2-part downloadable video set. We have created this to help everyone who wants to improve their golf swing by finally mastering the golf sequence.

The key to the golf swing is the sequence. Get the order correct and in large part tempo and timing issues will resolve themselves. Understanding what moves when in fine detail….. and then doing it….. is the key and is just about the best a golfer can do. Paul believes that this is an acquired skill. Most importantly he believes that regardless of natural ability it can be learned by anyone. We think that he is right.



What's included?

Understanding the Whole Picture

How often has this happened to you: You’re playing a round of golf, and your swing is on; you can draw it, fade it, hit it low, and hit it high? All of the sudden, the wheels fall off. You hit one bad shot but you know that you can salvage your round if you figure out what you’re doing wrong.

To counteract your slice, you try aiming to the left. And then you hit it dead straight! Before you know it, you just want to leave the round and get back to the range to try and solve the problems. The good round you had going is now lost… Isn’t it true that a following a road map to a place you’ve never been before makes it much easier to get there?

The answer may be obvious, but then how many golfers do you know that try to build a golf swing without a solid road map in place? They make it almost completely impossible to reach the destination!

But what if you had that road map to the golf swing? What if you had a blueprint that you can follow, and reference, and learn from, so that you knew any time you got off track with your swing, you could look back at the road map and see where you veered off course?

Golf Instructor Paul Kopp has discovered that road map, and with the help of PGA Tour winner Steve Elkington, is revealing it within The Sequence. About Paul Kopp Paul Kopp has been teaching golf for over 35 years, and has worked with big names

Hard Work

“You don’t need natural ability to do what we’re talking about. It’s acquired ability” - Paul Kopp

Regardless of what you may hear on the TV and in the magazines, the so-called “natural” golfers all put in thousands of hours of work before their swing ever looks “natural.” It would be great if you could pipe your drives and hit it close from the very first time you picked up a golf club.

But that’s not the case.

The Sequence will provide you with the roadmap you need to start learning a golf swing that will repeat on the course, and one that you can trust for the rest of your life. In golf, it’s just as easy to go in the wrong direction as it is in the right direction.

That’s exactly why in addition to The Sequence: What Moves When, you will receive a free copy of The Sequence: Drills and Exercises. Inside this one hour video are all the drills you need to make sure your body’s learning to swing the club correctly.

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*All files available as digital downloads only. Transcripts available in PDF form

Additional Information about The Sequencethe sequence iphone

 The Sequence: What Moves When is an instructional golf video featuring Steve Elkington and instructor Paul Kopp. The video cover the swing sequence from start to finish, how to build a golf swing of your own, and drills to internalize the lessons. It is available in a variety of digital formats, all listed below.

What's Included

  • The Sequence: What Moves When - mp4 version (Quicktime Player) (69 minutes)
  • The Sequence: What Moves When - WMV version (Windows Media Player)
  • The Sequence: What Moves When - iPad and iPhone versions
  • The Sequence: What Moves When - Full PDF Transcript (65 Pages)
  • The Sequence: Drills and Exercises - mp4 version (Quicktime Player) (64 Minutes)
  • The Sequence: Drills and Exercises - WMV version (Windows Media Player)
  • The Sequence: Drills and Exercises - iPad and iPhone versions
  • The Sequence: Drills and Exercises - Full PDF Transcript (36 Pages)
  • *Special Bonus Footage added (available in all four video versions listed above)

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