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Alex Mercer's Golf Wise- $25

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The Importance of Fundamentals

While there are hundreds of golfers around the world with great records to their name; championships won, battles fought, and great highlight reels to their name, no two seem to have the same game, much less the same swing. Alex Mercer is one of those teachers who sees the common threads within those great golfers, and can synthesize all of that information into an easy to repeat recipe for success. 

In Golf Wise, Mercer takes us through the grip and setup, swing plane, and gaining consistency. Perhaps most importantly, he teaches the viewer how to get the most out of practice, which will always pay off in the long run. How many golfers are still struggling to break 80 even twenty to thirty years after they started playing the game? Mercer does not teach just one method, but knows how to bring out the best qualities in all golfers, and communicate the information everyone needs to know to be consistent. 

Who's Alex Mercer?

In his day Alex played with and against some Australias greatest golfers including Norman Von Nida, Peter Thomson, Kel Nagle

A consumate professional, Alex has coached most of the best players to come out of Australia and New Zealand in the last 30 years including....

  • Lucas Parsons
  • Brett Ogle
  • Peter Senior
  • Geoff Senior
  • Frank Nobilo
  • Greg Turner
  • Philip Tataurangi
  • Michael Campbell
  • Grant Waite
  • Steven Alker
  • Michael Long
  • Lynnette Brooky
  • Marnie Maguire
  • Jan Stephenson
  • David Graham
  • Peter O'Malley
  • Brendan Jones
  • Steve Elkington

Legendary Junior Instructor and Squad Coach:

  • NSW State Senior Squads from 1976
  • NSW Colts and Juniors 1976-1993
  • SA Ladies Teams during the 1980's
  • Queensland State Squads 1978-1983
  • New Zealand National Coaching Director of Golf 1976-1996
  • Victorious New Zealand Cup Team Eisenhower Cup Team 1994 (against more than 40 teams from around the world)

and many more...


So What is Included within Golf Wise?

Let's take a look at the chapter breakdown:

  1. The Swing
  2. The Grip
  3. Setup & Posture
  4. Address Position & Alignment
  5. Hand & Arm Action
  6. Body Action & footwork
  7. Swing Plane
  8. Controlled Pitching
  9. Chip & Run
  10. Bunker Play
  11. Putting
  12. On a rainy day...

As you can see from the chapter breakdown, this video is about more than just the full swing. Alex Mercer takes viewers for a ride as he reveals his secrets for scoring, pitching, half wedge shots, chipping, putting, bunker play, and trouble shots. After learning these secrets, you'll be more confident than ever before around the greens. 

Bonus Audio Interview

Also included in this package is an interview featuring Steve Elkington, Alex Mercer, and Mike Maves. The three discuss what age is best to start kids learning the game, building a routine that will last throughout your golfing career, how to keep learning simple, what Alex has learned playing with Peter Thomson and Kel Nagle, and much more...

The bonus audio interview is a 31 minute mp3 audio, and with this package comes a full PDF transcript of the conversation.


Recap of Golf Wise:

Alex Mercer's Golf Wise is an instructional video aimed at improving the games of golfers still building their fundamentals. The video covers everything from the full swing to pitching, chipping, bunker play, and putting. You'll learn how to practice, how not to practice, how to learn, how to think about the golf swing, what thoughts to keep in your mind while you get better, and some fundamental concepts that are present in every great player.

Also included in this package is an interview featuring Alex Mercer, Steve Elkington, and Mike Maves. 

What's Included

  • Alex Mercer's Golf Wise - MP4 version (Quicktime Player)
  • Alex Mercer's Golf Wise - iPad and iPhone Versions
  • Alex Mercer's Golf Wise - Full PDF Transcript
  • Audio Interview feat. Alex Mercer, Steve Elkington, and Sevam1 (mp3)
  • Audio Interview feat. Alex Mercer, Steve Elkington, and Sevam1 (full PDF Transcript)