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Posted by on in Village Blogs

Today I went to the range did my typical 30 min. of "shovel" chips, then went up to the range to hit a few. I brought my camera along and a friend decided to join me so I thought it would be a good idea to try and film my swing. Having seen my swing briefly years ago, I have an instructor friend that has indoor video capabilities, I was anxious to see how the old swing looks. Good news is that my camera I purchased makes excellent videos. The bad news is that my swing looks like Sergio Garcia. I take the club back outside the target line, my left wrist is shut at the top of the swing and I loop it back down from the inside coming down. I have never been a big proponent of video, but I envisioned my swing as being very close to Little Bennie Hogans.  I am hitting the ball great, but I have made the decision to go ahead and try and fix my swing.  I know what my problem is. When mastering the "shovel" shot the idea is not to turn your sternum and expand your arms away from your chest. That is how I interpreted it. After further review the expansion is to the inside away from my chest. I think the diagonal stance has got me taking the club back straight with my body line and not my target line. Tomorrow I will get the club going back with expansion in and away from my body with a cupped left wrist, which will probably be flat as shut as I am at the top. Hopefully, this will just be a minor set back.... I will review the "wall" video this evening to see if I can find a nugget.

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I made a video of my swing a couple of days ago and here is my diagnosis.

Uniqueness: Taking the club outside and maybe a bit down the line too long. I think the look of the swing is a little distorted because my wrist don't start cocking until later in the backswing. At the top of my swing, I have a closed clubface, bowed left wrist. I can change this with out too much problem. The real disturbing part of the swing is my weight shift. Everything is very stable going back, no dramatic shifting. Really just expansion away from the ball. At the top of the swing as I start to turn back to the target, I drop the club inside on the way down, coming into the ball holding my angles properly until almost impact. Right at impact the weight is on getting up on my right toe and my back heel which is square to the target line moves toward the target. If I stop the video at impact my feet look splayed out?? Obviously there is some clockwise rotation into the right foot that is causing this to happen. The fact that the heel is physically moving toward the  target makes me think that I am transferring my weight a hair early. My hips are turned left of the target at impact and my body right on top of the ball. I notice watching slow-mo vid.s of Hogan that at impact his hips are turned more to the target and his upper body is in more of a reverse k motion as mine is in more of a straight line. This reverse K is very evident in Elk's swing. It is almost like my weight is getting right on top of my left foot a little early, as apposed to Hogans swing where it looks as if his left leg is resisting the weight for  longer, but turning more toward the target.

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Posted by on in Village Blogs

The good news is I learned how to use the video camera, bad news is I found some major flaws in my swing. I have decided to take on Martin as my first teacher, although he doesn't know it. He is the first guy that I really trust what he is saying about the golf swing. I know he is busy so I have recruited one of his students to show me the ropes. Bob, if your out there, two thumbs up and many thanks for explaining every detail to any question I throw at you. It is really a reflection of how good a teacher is when his students can go into such detail about resistance, feels, weight distribution, etc.... After the first question about the take away and about 8 paragraphs of awesome information later, I have decided to take it slow.

My first major problem was that I was taking the club outside on my initial move of the ball. I have studied the "wall" video and understand it except for one part. The initial move of the ball is a reverse roll of the arms, which brings the hands in beautifully, but it wants to close the club face. The next move is what Martin refers to as impact position. This is a "belly roll" where you tip the club back. My problem is when trying the wall drill, my club face is not hitting the pole flat, it hits the heel first (closed). When I take the "reverse roll" out of the take away, the club doesn't get inside the way it is supposed to, but I hit the wall perfectly. My conclusion is to reverse roll the arms and belly roll the hands. Looks good on paper, but for me this move is like trying to pat my head and rub my bell, it just blows a fuse. Any way, I am trying to get my giant brain around this thing, and hope that this is the correct way to do this move. I maybe over cooking it a bit, Martin posted a new video with Elk and him at Champions, and he does "the math" on this move. I will study it tonight.  Also, Martin wants me to pivot around my right axis and hit into a strong left side? I will cross that bridge when I get the takeaway conquered. One step at I time. Really feeling good about this action.

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Posted by on in Village Blogs

I was slightly disgruntled about my attempts to fix a flaw in my swing. I was taking the club a little outside on the back swing, so I decided to practice the wall drills to get my club in the proper position on the back swing.  When I went to the range, trying my new fix to the flaw, it didn't work. The good news is I found it today. I was able to bring the club in properly ie. hit the wall and get back to the ball maintaining my lag and not throwing my hands. In fact I got so comfortable with my back swing that when I made this "wall" move properly on the back swing I just new I was going to hit it flush. I was taking my 4 iron and hitting it at a flag that was 236 yd.s away. When I hit it flush it was right there, when I didn't it was about 10 yds. short.


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