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Posted by on in Golf Equipment

I believe that the grips on your club are the most important part of you swing and clubs.  The correct feel and size is so important.  We have such a choice, I encourage you to explore and find what works for you.  I know that real rubber grip absorbs the shock and allows me to feel more and hit a better shot.  I like a tacky and sticky like feel for missed shots so as not to have the club turn in my hand exaggerating the miss.  The correct size allows me to release my hands properly.  Too big I fade, to small I hook it.  So explore what is right for you and see and feel the difference.!!

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Posted by on in Golf Equipment

I am fortunate to have new clubs.  The new A12 pro idea by Adams irons.  I have been breaking them in.  I noticed that I had lost distance even though I was hitting them solid and well.  Confused, I starting to talk to my friends and learned that many club makers have no consistency when it comes to loft and lie angles from club to club.

Last year I played the Nike VR pro full cavity.  So I went to the their website and looked at the specs and found out the new clubs I have are two degrees weaker and a half degree flatter.  Now I know why I have lost distance.  My seven iron is last years 8 iron.  I am going to have my clubs bent to be stronger all the while keeping the lie angle and offset.  You have to be careful that you do not make the clubs more offset and close the face by mistake.  So go to a trusted club fitter and maker that will take all those concerns in mind.

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Posted by on in Golf Equipment

I would like to discuss fitting of golf clubs today.  I believe that it is so important to have the correct fit for your clubs, for you as a golfer to perform you best.

There was a time, 20 years ago, that we as golfers had to adjust our swings to fit the clubs we bought or played.  Not anymore.

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Posted by on in Visualization / Neuroscience

I encourage you all to try being more creative with your shots at times.  Not all the time just when the mood strikes you or your required to be a bit brave.  This will allow you to have more fun and focus less on score.  Practicing with creative shots is more fun and leads to more creativity.  The Masters requires a magical shot to win it.  Its seems that Jack, Larry Mize, Tiger, Phil, Bubba, etc. have the creativity and the strength to try.  Not care about the result and go for it.  Give up control to gain control.  Try it and let me know how it works out.  Have fun!

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Posted by on in Village Blogs

Golf lessons are wrong. First off, you go and pay a professional to tell you what you do wrong and not to do it. How about taking a lesson and having fun and experiencing immediate improvement. If you take a ski lesson, you see immediate improvement and you get better and can go to more places on the mountain. You think positive and do the necessary movements to improve. Why not golf?

For years we focus on negative and only take lessons when we have a problem or get worse. How about taking a lesson when your playing good or your best to do it more often and learn how to do it more often. Golf is now going to change forever at my hand. I refuse to instruct people on things not to do. If you can do what you need to improve, why not do it over and over? Thats right. Do the movements you need to do to be successful. Who in there right mind would pay for someone to make them worse before you get better and learn all your faults. No thanks.

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