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Posted by on in Village Blogs
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Today I went out with the intention of finding the sling. Martin directed me to the stork drill. This drill is basically putting all your weight on the right axis, open your stance, and just take it back and sling it through. The intent of this drill is to isolate the sling. What it did for me is teach me how to hit from my right axis. If you have your stance this open it gives your body the correct feeling of rotation behind the left axis. I was getting on top of my left axis through the ball, basically getting in front of the ball.


I came across the grip vid. by accident and realized how vital the grip is to this method. I weekend my grip and it really taught me how to pressure the grip with my finger tips into the palm and pull the trigger finger of my left hand to unitize the hands. My grip feels tighter and definitely more of a single unit. Weakening the grip also makes you realize how much you need to rotate left to get the club back to square.


I had no idea that this swing is basically coming from the right axis and swinging behind the left. At address it is important to have a  higher right hip and a tall right axis. I was thinking about cocked hip to stabilize the turn coming back, feeling like the right side is tall and turning the right shoulder beyond the rt. foot. This is important because you want to brace with the rt. foot and hip, but you don't want the rt. foot to be the furthest part of your body away from the ball at the top, that should be the right shoulder and elbow. The cocking of the hips  helps to resist the CW turn of the hips and stabilize the right side in preparation to hit the ball. Doing this made me feel like I was not using my hips nearly as much, but makes you realize there job is to stabilize the swing. Another note at address my new weaker grip straightens the right arm a bit more and almost feels like the club and arm are in one straight line.


I tried the cross handed stork about 10 times and am still having trouble hitting it flush, but the feeling it translates is phenomenal. After trying the C/H stork, I then grabbed a 6 iron and just pressed about 12 shots, just pure. I wasn't thinking technical I was feeling motion. For me, I cannot think myself through a golf swing I have to feel it. Drills are great for feels, there are times when I do need to think myself through things. When I am doing this I need to just forget about hitting the ball good and just try to master the motion. Like the sling, I cannot think myself through this, I have to feel it. I am still hitting my short irons p wedge and s wedge a little high and fanned. Deep divots with these shorter clubs, for some reason I am getting steep coming through. I was trying to keep my right shoulder high through impact, but that didn't seem to help much. I need to get the club coming into the ball a little flatter more sling like.