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Hit the ball?...OR....Swing the club?

Posted by on in Building a Golf Swing
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The answer to the title is - we CAN DO BOTH...

Take a look at the adjacent pictures.

Camilio Villegas shows a classic bent right arm into impact. His shoulders and hips are quite comparable in their rotation ratio. The shaft of the club if extended would run right into his belly button region just above his belt.

Chad Campbell shows a more thrusting right arm into impact. His hips have opened up and his shoulders have stayed squarer in an unmatched hip/shoulder alignment. The shaft of his club if extended would run up higher into an area closer to the sternum.

So in moving the golf club through the motion Villegas is returning the clubhead and shaft to a much closer position to his address position than Campbell is.....

So that should equate to a much greater chance of matching the face up at impact with where it originally started and where his intentions were to move it towards. This is noticeable in the amount of closure already visible on the clubface of Campbell with the club only a few inches past separation point with the ball. This is relative to the right arm straightening into impact, the hands lifting into impact the shoulders staying square and the right leg straightening more into impact to allow all this to occur.

In my book that takes a LOT more timing on a day to day basis to achieve consistency of strike, initial start path of the ball and also ball curvature.

Players such as Chad Campbell can rely on this 'timing' to play good golf because golf is their life and they have the opportunity to practice, practice, practice and renew their bodies and feels with the feel of this motion.This would be swinging the golf club. Using force to pull the club down from the transition move and then try to align all these movements onto the ball for impact. Quite a tough motion to master when you are a once a week golfer.

This is in large part why I suggest the hitting of the ball motion displayed by Villegas as more feasible for people to become aware of and implement. This action would rely more on gravity to let the club fall into the slot and then fire all parts in unison into impact and beyond keeping more consistent alignments with all our moving parts. The clubface and shaft would not alter as much from their original address position and the feel and sensations of the action would be throughout the entire body all the way from the ground up.

Like I said both actions work and work well. A swing the club action requires maintenance. A hit the ball action requires more building and strength.

Hitting the ball would eventually be likened to riding a bike. You turn up each day and start the engine.

Swinging the club would be like riding a bike- BUT with amnesia. You would have to find that feel and swing and time the arms straightening out away from the body on a daily basis.

I have a sneaking suspicion there is what Hogan meant when he said 'Reverse every natural instinct you have and you will come close to having a good golf swing".

Choose your poison. Swing the club or Hit the ball... both are proven methods. Although from experience I certainly favour one over the other to become a better consistent player.