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Posted by on in Village Blogs
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I have had a case of the high rights a little slappy type shot mostly with a few gems sprinkled in since I started this process. I know I am doing something right because I am hitting it on the sweet spot consistently, just not quite getting back to square. I was thinking through the swing last night and especially the release. How can I get the club back to square with my body without trying to rotate the wrist. When I tip the club back coming down it seems like I am forever away from the ball, the only thing I can do to get the club back to square is turn the wrists some how. In the slo-mo swing Elk was doing in the video with Martin at Champions, Elk goes through the process : REVERSE ROLL, BELLY ROLL, IMPACT, COMING DOWN TO THE BALL HE SAYS - .......and the torque in the right arm gives it to the ball or something like that. So I am thinking, thinking.... Martin says to think of the release as one continuous sling into the ball...... so I am rolling my hands in a circle, club in hand seeing impact is square but with loft added. So if the motion is correct what gets the club in that slightly de-lofted position that we are looking for????

So I go to the golf course and am hitting 40 yd. pitch shots. I am opening the club face wide open and continuing the roll all the way around into impact. I am hitting high flop shots, but I want to flight the ball lower, so I start to swing the club a little harder left, still hitting it high. So while I am still thinking about the release being a complete circle from start to finish I let my hands continue this release, but I ride the right shoulder a little higher and try to turn my right ARM toward the target as the club is tipping back. BINGO. I hit a little mid height skidder, bounce, bounce, stop. That's it that is how you get the club from wide open to square with no effort.  So I am hitting this shot over and over ( 2 large buckets) just in awe. Then I start to think about the feel of the motion I am experiencing.  If you try to release the club with the hands there is no torque in your right arm. The torque I am talking about is between the CCW rotation of the arm against the CW rotation of the hands essentially the club. Think of it this way, if you were to stand with your arms extended with a club in them turned the club to the right so the club face is facing the sky. Now you can feel the weight of the club head,  how would  you turn the club over with out using your hands?  You would rotate your forearm CCW, in doing this if you turn your shoulder first, then upper arm then forearm, you get to the wrist and there is where the torque is. The club is pulling down and your arms are twisting the other way. When I was hitting these little wedge shots it felt like the back of the club is headed for the right shoe, but if you exaggerate the motion of the high right shoulder and torquing the arm CCW, all the while letting the club head tip back  the club comes right back to impact almost dead square every time. This brings me into the art of being into position to hit. Now I understand why being into position to hit is sooo important. This torquing the right arm through and before impact is what give you that right arm extension through the ball, and for me I can feel it right where the right trigger finger grips the shaft. There is no motivation by the hand but I can feel it right there. I started hitting 8 irons with this same swing and was just hitting some bullets. These were mid trajectory shots that  fell right. I have been trying to get this trajectory since the change and it is finally here. Awesome!!! It was a fantastic feeling hitting these shots because I could finally feel that right arm extension through the ball and around the corner. And it was soo much easier to get around the corner, because for me thinking about torquing the right arm automatically got my right shoulder higher. I still have alot to learn about impact positioning, but it was so great to finally contain my sling. I could get the sling, but I could never contain it. That torque contains it.  For some reason doing this gives me the compulsion to want to come out of the shot a little, but if  i maintain my spine angle the majic happens. NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE!!!