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The Hawk Talks – Part 2

Posted by on in Sevam1
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Ben Hogan Demonstrating The Gripping ProcessGolf is a game of constant change and adjustment.  That in a nutshell is the message we have for the world here at Secret In The Dirt.


In the original Sevam1 videos I said in golf “You add. You add. You add.  Little things here…little things there, and then you start taking away.”  That was, is and always will be the process.  As Mr. Burke has told us Ben Hogan, perhaps more than any other golfer in history, was deeply engaged in this process.

Whether or not he worked his hands against one another in the way I’ve described in The Hawk Talks Part 1 is not really important.  In The Coleman video for instance he indicates that the pressures are more vertical on the shaft rather than around and that the right hand pressure is only forward but then when you watch him wrap his hands onto the club things look a little bit different even than what he is describing.  Below is a little video expanding on what i was talking about in Part 1.

So what is important about that article and that idea?  In my view what is important is that we can be pretty sure that at some point Hogan toyed with this as he did with everything else.  Secondly and more important for what I am trying to encourage with my blogs.....most of the people who read that first article probably picked up a club and worked it carefully into the hands to try to create and feel what I was describing.  Hopefully you became more aware of the subtle details that go into building a fine golf swing and also I hope that you were reminded of how important the grip is.  All of the other moves that you make in golf will have no payoff if you do not have a hold on the club that transmits what the body sends their way properly to the clubhead.

I hope that I’ve inspired a little bit of extra attention to detail. 90% of what is going to happen in the next golf swing that you make will be predetermined at address.  Get your grip, stance and posture right and the swing is really almost over.  That is why the fundamentals are so important.  Chapter 1 of 5 Lessons opens with “GOOD GOLF BEGINS WITH A GOOD GRIP.” in all caps just like that.  All other progress stems from getting this first part right and yet most people just go "Yah, Yah, I get it" and then put their hands on there wrong and start trying to wallop the thing.  Sorry to bring you the bad news, but it doesn't work that way.

This little wringing out move with the hands is a modification that I hope will help people to wed their hands as effectively as possible to get them working together. For a quick reference check just  have a look at this picture of the grip formation from On Learning Golf.  Simple and can't you basically just tell that that grip is going to do the job?

Although not specifically about the hands, Percy Boomer talked about the golf swing with the idea of creating a brace at address which I always thought of as taking the slack out of your swing right at address.  I’ve always errored on the side of firmness when I have been playing well but Boomer had a few other descriptions of these sensations that I think are useful.  I always liked Percy Boomer for his way of expressing the golf swing in terms of the senses that experience it.  He said “When I resist I will become tight.  When I oppose I will become taut”  Taut describes a situation where there is no slack in the system.  Boomer also talks about naval men and hauling on ropes. The first command is never to “Haul Away!!!”  The first command once the men are on the ropes is to “Take Up The Slack!!!”
Find ways to take up some of the slack at address and I think that you will all find yourselves able to “Haul Away” better than you ever imagined.
My message for today is to start with the grip!!

Hit em straight,


Today as many of you know is a very sad day.  The great Severiano Ballesteros has passed away. Let’s just watch him at the height of his greatness and charisma and let’s remember him that way.  This first video is still my favorite Seve YouTube video and the second is a fantastic retrospective of his genius…Goodbye Seve.  There will never be another.



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  • Stephane Gauthier
    Stephane Gauthier Saturday, 11 April 2015

    Any reason why your video is now marked as Private. I'd love to see.


  • SweetChills
    SweetChills Thursday, 26 November 2015

    Nice blog, thanks, nice idea on taking up the slack too.:)

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