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Hi there. I understand that you are in charge of pushing the button as they say. I joined SIDT because of its purpose to be a place where golfers can share and learn from each other, as opposed to being preached to from your favorite god be it Ledbetter et al. I haven't played golf in 30 years (except occasional events with the boys) but circumstances necessitate that I play again, so I decided to write about that journey, and thought SIDT would be a good place to do that, let my friends follow and maybe some dirters might find it also interesting. I want to publish my journey in some kind of thread or blog format, be able to post photos and videos as well, and respond to any comments or questions of course as they happen if they happen. I was inspired by how Elk talks about the vision for SIDT, and decided to share my journey. Question is, how do I create a blog? Or is there another mechanism in SIDT I should do that in. I don't want to drop bits and pieces into different spots in SIDT and would like to put it all in one place (thread, blog or otherwise). Can you please explain to me the best way to accomplish this. I think you will find my writing interesting. I'm for real, and if you want additional cred, we can discuss that via email or phone. I'm not a golf expert, but fit the mantra of SIDT, which is why I'm compelled to share my journey here. So, the YouTube videos by your team has sold me, and I want to contribute to SIDT. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
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Sunday, January 17 2016, 03:17 PM
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