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    God is #1, Health is #2, Family #3, Work #4, Golf #5. At every major crossroad during my life, I use these five guiding priorities to make the correct decision. I have always dreamed of being a Professional Golfer or a Golf Instructor to become my #4 priority. When I have time to devote to Golf, I am always chasing my dreams. At various times, I have not played much Golf to focus on my other higher priorities, but I always come back to the game I love with renewed energy and focus. I look at Golf as a journey that has many parallels with Life. Character, Knowledge, Belief, Trust, and Doing your Best are traits I cultivate in myself and others. God, Health, Family, Work, and Golf are all very special and every moment you have is an opportunity to do your best.
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    3 Holes in One
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    The Greatest Game of All by Jack Nicklaus with Herbert Warren Wind
    Mr. Hogan, The Man I Knew by Kris Tschetter with Steve Eubanks
    The Real Moe Norman by Lawson Mitchell and Greg Lavern with Patrick Cunningham
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    Daughters, Wife, and me.
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    909D Driver, 3W, Hybrids
    Mizuno MP-68 irons 4-PW
    Mizuno MP T-10 54 and 58 Wedges
    Rife Cayman Putter
    Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball
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Doug Burke

Doug Burke

Please join Dirters Weight Loss Group. Every member is working hard to get in shape and become healthier. I know there are more of you who would like to share this journey with us. We are really supporting each other to reach our goals together.
- 7 years ago
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    Megan McChrysal (Stuart, Fla.) 70-72-75-67-70-354 (-6) $694

    Megan McChrystal made it to the LPGA Tour today in the 2013 LPGA Tour School Final. On 8Dec2013, Megan is a LPGA Tour player and realized her lifelong...
  • Doug Burke - replied to the topic 'Re: Finding your Optimal Swing' in the forum.
    I wanted to give an update. Been working on my Suspended Animation Golf Swing Theory© for a little over 7 months now and my swing is feeling awesome. Summer is coming to an end on the east coast and another golf season is just about over so thought...
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    Your brother is all hands. There is not much use of this body in that swing. Your body is important too...if you cut the arms off your body or your body off your arms you will not be able to move the ball one inch. You can move your body in a way that allows your hands to leverage it for more power...you can also move your body in a way that cripples your hands from doing its optimum...keep your knees and elbows pinched in and see how great your hands do...not...try moving your...
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    You are looking a lot more relaxed with your movements now. I can see an improvement in your transition move and your hips are opening up better through impact. I would like you to feel your belly button area in transition…feel like it is moving down and lateral left which will give you a nice sitdown move and allow that right elbow to stay glued to your side though impact. Nice work…you are improving.
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  • My average weight for October was 180.3 and my average Body Fat was 21.9. I have been maintaining my weight through hitting golf balls, running, and weight training. Bench pressed 135 pounds for a personal best...realize the Hulks on the site will find this funny...it is an improvement for me so I am happy. Feeling great about this journey and my progress on getting healthier. Started doing dead lifts to work on my flexibility and strength. Realized that I need some more to squat to improve my golf swing and I believe the dead lifts will help me there. Starting out with an 18 pound exercise bar to get my form correct before beginning my climb up the mountain toward Magnusson's 1,015 pound world record...kidding around. Look forward to really pushing myself over the winter now that Golf Season is over on the east coast...got our first snow storm yesterday.
    7 years ago