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    I like to compete,put your money where your mouth is.
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    Albatross,3 wood from 250 out pure luck,,,made eagle on 18 one time to win press when i was 100 dollars down and only had 20 in my pocket
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    Modern Fundamentals/5 lessons
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    Any fast player,we are overwhelmed with slow players
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    wilson staff tour blades. 2010 model.always have been a wilson guy,always will be
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    Wilson Staff TourBlades ,54 and 58 degree wedges
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Keep on doing the same things and living in the past, you will not have a very bright future.
- 4 years ago
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  • alan - replied to the topic 'Opposing Hands Golfswing by Diz/MH' in the forum.
    Diz wrote:
    Cp , try this exercise out for awhile, contain the ball inbetween the arm triangle back to hip high , angle the arm triangle with some forearm range to the right while you float down the right leg and throw the ball as hard as you can against a...

  • alan - replied to the topic 'Inward is FASTER' in the forum.
    Thanks for answering Bradley. That answered it for me, I suspected that the players who would be attracted to what your teaching would already have their gear setup for more rounded swing. I play with 1-2 degrees flat myself. Do you have an example...
  • alan - replied to the topic 'What are the Fundamentals' in the forum.
    I take no ownership of this thread, I just want to see what people think the fundamentals are, post whatever you like. I agree with you I get it, If you do what Hogan said, a true chain reaction and the reverse it on the way down, you have what you...
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    anybody got calluses like this
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