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    Cronin 3 and 5 metals and a Knight 7 metal utility.
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    Cronin 3-9, PW, SW
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    Wilson center shafted.
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    Worked for Cronin clubs in 1998-1999. Made my entire set except the Knight 7 metal.
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    Give it a 5 handicap.
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Nason Richmond

Nason Richmond

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  • I have been testing the move and the test results are excellent. For me I flexx the knees quite a bit (Knudson) and knock the knees for a reverse k feel. From that position the knavel thing seems to be linear back and linear on the forward swing which seems to be the perfect govenor for the amount of hip turn back and through. It seems like a half swing and I believe it to be my best power place. Interesting note: In Palmer's book from the 1980's he said that the difference between a half...
    5 years ago