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    5 handicap. 100% Golf nut. Love classic courses, classic designers and golf course architecture and golf art. Love everything about the game, especially the learning of how to strike a ball properly
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    Hole in One!! Arrowhead CC San Bernardino, CA. July 1990
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    Alister Mackenzie's Cypress Point Club
    Hallowed Ground
    The Masters by Curt Sampson
    Grounds for Golf by Geoff Schakelford
    The Big Miss
    Golf by Design
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    3 long time friends...playing Cypress Point followed by dinner at Gary Dankos followed by drinks at Quince followed the next day with golf at SFGC followed by the Gulfstream home.
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    Cleveland HiBore i2
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    Mizuno MP32
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    Titleist, 58, 52 degree
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    Cigar case--3 system holder/humidor
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    Bushnell Range Finder
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Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson

Has Ian Poulter ever actually won a professional golf event?.....
- 4 years ago
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    Friday, 06 September 2013 00:50
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  • Has Ian Poulter ever actually won a professional golf event?.....
    4 years ago
  • Read Geoff Ogilvy's article in recent Golf Digest. He's clearly one of the best golf writers in the biz.
    4 years ago
  • Kucher wearing a ski boggin AND ball cap simultaneously....gee, that's a good look Mattie
    4 years ago
  • What in the world in up with the US uniforms? What is up with wearing a ski boggin hat while golfing?
    4 years ago
  • Hefty and k Bradley WD from tourney to "rest and prepare for cup" huh...kidding me. Think captain Watson likes that? Think Arnold Palmer would WD. Must be nice not to need the winnings$$. These tour guys kill me. Private jets, free stuff, and WD...and Watson says he wants tough team....
    4 years ago
  • These white belts really should be outlawed. When does this trend end already. Only applies if one has a 28" waist. If not, take a pass.
    4 years ago
  • Giant Hat gonna do it? Westy? This week.
    4 years ago
    Shogun No . Dustin Johnson will , he has ankle tracking bracelet and all
    4 years ago
  • Why do these caddies still stand behind the women golfers for alignment and never say to move ....never happens w men...just me or what?
    4 years ago
  • What is up with the Flourecent stuff these guys are now wearing. Do they just wear what the companies them to to wear, or can the say 'hey man, I cant wear that I'll look like a complete moron on TV, like bozo the clown and all." Bring back the classic pleated slacks with cotton shirts that are cool. Remember when Shark rolled into British with that look and long hair. We all wanted that, players
    4 years ago
  • Move over Erin Andrews. You were hot, but not any more. here comes Holly! Golf and Football on Fox. We knew that was a matter of time before she got scooped up by the networks. You know Kelly Tilghman and Ms Erin have a very serious inferiority complex now....
    4 years ago
  • Can someone tell me how PGA tour events get their courses to have the cross-cut look on fairways?
    4 years ago
  • Just finished reviewing Chapter 1- The Grip. 18 pages on what I thought I knew. This book is deep.
    4 years ago
  • Eric Patterson is friends with vinny
  • I just can't get behind the new golf shoes that look like sneakers....what's up and what happened to a classic golf shoe
    4 years ago
  • Players...what about crystal aire in Palmdale. What do I need to know. Playing 2 day tourney next wk, never played it, thanks
    4 years ago
    Grant Nakagawa I was a member there for 8 yrs up until a couple of years ago. In general, putts break toward the desert below to the north. Although there are around with 13 holes that have OB markers, they really don't come into play that much. Greens are ALWAYS in immaculate condition and as long as you keep it on the fairway, or first cut, you will have a good lie. They recently upgraded what I thought was the weakest part of the course...the bunkers. There doesn't seem to be any hard pan lies anymore as the sand is nice. Let me know if you need anymore info....
    4 years ago
  • You'd think that rick fowler would wear caps that actually fit with all his $$
    4 years ago
    linda richman Rickie got a free bowl of soup with that hat. don't knock it. LOL

    4 years ago
  • What gas station in Indiana would Jeff Overton be working at if he couldn't hit a golf ball...
    4 years ago
  • How painful is K Bradley to watch. Flipping clubs, walk up back up back, another reason why it takes us all to play 6 hr round....amateurs try to emulate pros....hit the ball already!!! Today
    4 years ago
  • Nobody on the Champ Tour should ever ever wear a White belt. Ever.
    4 years ago
    Steve Only wear a White belt if you can see it when you look down :)
    4 years ago
  • Rustic Canyon GC is phenomenal. What a gem. Authentic design, old school look. 100% quality. Thank you Geoff and Gil.
    4 years ago