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    Old steel Shafted Taylor Made 19#
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    Current -Ping i15 4-pw,
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    Ping GW 52#
    Wilson Staff 56# SW from 1980s
    Cleveland 60# circa 2005
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    Bullseye Flange 1970's
    Ping Cushin - 1970's
    Scotty Cameron Bullseye Blade
    Ping Tess
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    Wish that i'd never sold my Hogan Director irons
    Similar with Hogan Apex II irons
    Want to have confidence/ability to play with some forged blades again
    Want a nice set of both of the above

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andy oakes

andy oakes

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  • Should have said that i was bit young for Sir Henry's visit and also missed out on another Open champion Max Faulkner but I did get to see two of the best British golfers of their era Dai Rees and Neil Coles. Coles was (is) one of the best ball strikers i've ever seen close up. Closed face at the top but beautiful flowing swing through the ball.
    4 years ago
  • Big Henry Cotton fan as the first instruction book my Dad had was "Henry Cotton Says"
    He was fairly local to my home golf club in Cheshire and did visit our club reportedly to have a look at two of the best junior members at the time. One, John Barnet went on to become the pro at Royal St Davids and was later Captain of the PGA. John Coclough the other became pro and greenkeeper at our club.
    4 years ago
  • A bit late on this but I agree with much of what's been said. I've been playing for 44 years and played my best golf with a set of Hogan Directors with Vector shafts ( not everyone's first choice Hogan's i know) but was persuaded that i needed cavity backs as i had less time to practice and play. I've played with Pings since then but still miss my Hogan's. Despite new equipment I hit it better with those irons, a stiff shafted persimmon driver and a Titleist Pro Balata ball! Can't get...
    4 years ago