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    Second lap into the world of golf for me after 30 years. This time curious about the process of sifting through the dirt rather than score.
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    None yet
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    Used Perfect Club 22, made by someone who lived in my town who started that brand
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    Used Ping Eye 2+ black
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    From E-Bay: Used Ping Eye 2+ BeCU SW and Steel LW
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    From E-Bay: Used old bronze Ping Anser (2 I think)
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    Museum quality tees and TopFlight and Titelist DT and balata balls from 30 years ago and a couple of mumified golf gloves.
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    Contents of bag and this page will change as I walk through the dirt, which is the whole point of this for me :-)
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Currently camping out in Scottsdale, starting point to start digging.
- 2 years ago
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  • fido started a new discussion Another question for Jimmy Nis...
    I'm trying out the photo upload feature from the home page. I'm logged in. I'm on latest FireFox. I click photos. I click button to choose a .jpg file (about 140k). I type in caption as requested. Hit the upload button and I see three dots in the button kinda animating and then things just sit there and nothing happens. What am I doing incorrectly?...
    2 years ago
    go9th I usually upload to imgur.com then paste the url
    2 years ago
  • fido started a new discussion Question for Jimmy Nissen...
    Hi there. I understand that you are in charge of pushing the button as they say. I joined SIDT because of its purpose to be a place where golfers can share and learn from each other, as opposed to being preached to from your favorite god be it Ledbetter et al. I haven't played golf in 30 years (except occasional events with the boys) but circumstan...
    2 years ago
  • Currently camping out in Scottsdale, starting point to start digging.
    2 years ago
  • Pushed up starting profile pic. Where I found it was kinda funny. Probably left there by the Callaway guy.
    2 years ago
  • Second try. First try, I had some java something problems and couldn't get set up, asked for help and got thumbs downs. This is my kind of crowd :-) In the past year, I had to start playing golf again, so after 30 years in cryo-sleep away from the golf scene, thought I'd make it into journey and write about it. Found this place via YouTube. Seems like a good spot to log snippets.
    2 years ago