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    55 year old attorney who plays to a 2. Love Hogan swing. Have worked with Martin Ayers, and am currently going through John Erickson's ABS program.
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    Ben Hogan
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    Wood Bros Persimmon, X100 shaft, weight added
    Hogan 1953 Commerative, with Apex 5 shaft
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    Various MacGregor and Spaulding sets, all 6 flat, stiff and progressively heavy...short irons e4 to d8 in long irons. Love Hogan apex 5 shafts in persimmon woods.
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    Edel golf 52 and 56.
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    I play old stuff. I have several vintage Macgregor sets, and a set of Spaulding BirdonBalls "The Shark." Persimmon woods from MacGregor and Hogan.
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Grady Dickens

Grady Dickens

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    Sunday, 28 March 2010 20:55
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  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Diz Journey to Scratch...' in the forum.
    I have them on two of my sets...and they are the only sets I play. Enough said.
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.

    One more thing I failed to mention is the downward pressure I mentioned comes from the left hand, while the right arm is working level but feels a bit up...this creates considerable pressure and energy. MH has talked about moving the elbows...
  • Grady Dickens thanks user 'Frozen Divots' in the forum message ' The Natural Swing Motion,'.
    4 days ago
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'The Natural Swing Motion,' in the forum.
    The move Mike is talking about is what BM calls alpha torque and what ABS calls forearm rotation. The issue is when you do it. Early or late. Jim Hardy teaches this very move that Mike is talking about. It has worked for several tour players,...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Under Plane Project' in the forum.
    Playing worst ball is a great way to practice, if you can get out on the course by yourself. Take it all the way to the hole. It is a terrible feeling to roll in a 20 foot birdie putt and realize you have to back it up. If you can break 40 for...
  • Grady Dickens thanks user 'JrxWrx1' in the forum message ' JrxWrx'.
    3 weeks ago