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    55 year old attorney who plays to a 2. Love Hogan swing. Have worked with Martin Ayers, and am currently going through John Erickson's ABS program.
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    Ben Hogan
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    Wood Bros Persimmon, X100 shaft, weight added
    Hogan 1953 Commerative, with Apex 5 shaft
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    Various MacGregor and Spaulding sets, all 6 flat, stiff and progressively heavy...short irons e4 to d8 in long irons. Love Hogan apex 5 shafts in persimmon woods.
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    Edel golf 52 and 56.
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    I play old stuff. I have several vintage Macgregor sets, and a set of Spaulding BirdonBalls "The Shark." Persimmon woods from MacGregor and Hogan.
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Grady Dickens

Grady Dickens

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