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    53 year old attorney who plays to a 2. Love Hogan swing. Have worked with Martin Ayers, and am currently going through John Erickson's ABS program.
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    Wood Bros Persimmon, X100 shaft, weight added
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    Various MacGregor, Hogan and Spaulding sets, all 6 flat, stiff and progressively heavy...short irons e4 to d8 in long irons
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    MacGregor forged gap, punch dot replica of original Sarazen Sand Wedge
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    I play old stuff. I have several vintage Macgregor sets, a set of Ben Hogan Apex PCs and a set of Spaulding BirdonBalls "The Shark." Persimmon woods from MacGregor and Hogan.
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Grady Dickens

Grady Dickens

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  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikers' in the forum.
    No question Senior moves his head left quite a bit. Nelson's moves a little, but it did move. It might have been because of his intention to extend his left arm down the target line as long as possible. That was a completely different intention...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'I want to look like I know what I'm doing' in the forum.
    The head moves a little left in the first swing, and in the iron swing at about 6:30. I don't like the term backing out either BTW, it is moving left but not back or up....it stays down. It does move left. Hogan's head didn't. Knudson's head...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'In Search of the great Ballstrikersuence' in the forum.
    The head moves around in the golf swings of many great ballstrikers. Hogan's stayed out over the ball, but, to name a few Nelson, Lema, Lema, Senior, De Vicenzo and Floyd back out. Taller players have more side bend so they will tend to back out...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'The Natural Swing Motion,' in the forum.

    As I have said Lee hits a good ball, and has always been very complimentary of my swing. You and others are happy with his method, which is great.
    I don't know how to respond to your post. If you are asking me to compare my shot shape to Lee...
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Ryder Cup 2014' in the forum.
    Interesting pairings. Course looks like it will yield a lot of birdies. Reminds me of the Petty song...


    Going to see him tomorrow night at AA Center. :)
  • Grady Dickens - replied to the topic 'Opposing Hands Golfswing by Diz/MH' in the forum.

    Tgat sounds great...Big Ben will love those courses. Mid-Pines is essentially across the street, and a fun course. I enjoy Stranz (I hope I got the name right...cancer took him way too young) courses. There is one near Williamsbug called...