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  • Golf News

    Golf News

    Created on: Wednesday, 27 January 2016
    This group is for golf fans. here you can get all news updates.
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  • Natural Swing Motion.What works for You! Private

    Natural Swing Motion.What works for You!

    Created on: Sunday, 15 March 2015
    Nothing more than a place anyone can share what works for them based on their experiences.
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  • Drew's Nothing To See Here Group Private

    Drew's Nothing To See Here Group

    Created on: Saturday, 29 December 2012
    Nothing important.
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  • Las Vegas Dirters

    Las Vegas Dirters

    Created on: Thursday, 02 February 2012
    I recently moved to town and would love to get connected with some other local Dirters. We can share thoughts on Vegas area courses including: best local discounts, best practice facilities, best night golf, best deals, worst deals, etc.
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  • For Yippers Only Private

    For Yippers Only

    Created on: Saturday, 30 July 2011
    I know from first hand experience the helpless feeling, embarrassment, and pain of the yips. That is long in the past as I have developed a solution that allows me to putt righty and even lefty with a solid repeatable stroke. If you are having problems there is a good chance you have too much slack in your set-up that can easily allow jolts or starts during the stroke. The information in this group describes a technique to...
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  • Golf Course Reviews

    Golf Course Reviews

    Created on: Thursday, 07 July 2011
    I'm creating this group so that Dirters can share some useful info about golf courses across the globe. Join and post so Dirters know where to play if they're in your neck of the woods!
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  • U.S. Open 2011 "Dark Horse"

    U.S. Open 2011 "Dark Horse"

    Created on: Wednesday, 15 June 2011
    Pick this years U.S. Opens "Dark Horse" If you pick the winner you will win a Fore Kids Golf Hat and T-Shirt ... I will even cover the postage.
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    Created on: Saturday, 23 April 2011
    This will be the official Forum on the Dirt website for the CMOTION discussion all other topics can be in any of the other push/slap or cmotion topics this one however is just based on what my idea of the golf motion is.The main reason for this is to stay on topic for those who care to learn what it is. What CMOTION is not is a topic on the traditionbal forms of teaching the Golf Motion so. 1. IF YOU WANT TO USE THE LEFT THIS IS NOT THE...
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  • Wyoming BISP

    Wyoming BISP

    Created on: Thursday, 14 April 2011
    Go Pokes
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  • Golf commentary is sending me over the Edge :)

    Golf commentary is sending me over the Edge :)

    Created on: Sunday, 06 March 2011
    How many other dirters would be very happy if the TV golf commentators would watch more and talk less. Some of them should remember that sometimes "Silence is Golden". Today at the Honda we had another picture come up on screen showing the face of the commentator talking out on the course and distracting the viewer from the player taking his shot...
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  • Irish Dirters

    Irish Dirters

    Created on: Tuesday, 08 February 2011
    A group for people from the emerald Isle
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    Created on: Tuesday, 08 February 2011
    A group for the members of
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  • Dirters Weight Loss

    Dirters Weight Loss

    Created on: Sunday, 23 January 2011
    OneJbird5 challenged me to see who could lose the most weight. We are going to weigh-in on the last Sunday of each month. Jennifer and Mike have been on us for awhile to get in shape so OneJbird5 and I finally decided to get off our butt and do something about it. Here is where we are going to keep track of our results. It is very motivating to lose weight together and discuss our cardio exercises, weight training exercises, and our...
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  • Tom Weiskopf

    Tom Weiskopf

    Created on: Wednesday, 19 January 2011
    I was thinking about Tom Weiskopf and his great long wide rhythmic swing and the distance he could knock it out there. I was there at the old Benson & Hedges tourny in England when he won (1981). I recall how good his swing was and how he was hitting his persimmon driver over the fence at the end of the driving range and no-one else could. He won the British Open and was a great player but I recall his temper used to get the...
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  • Why did Moe do the things he did?

    Why did Moe do the things he did?

    Created on: Monday, 17 January 2011
    We all know how Moe Norman swung the club, but WHY did he swing the club in that manner? Why are his legs rigid at address? Why doesn't he take a divot? Why did he limit his rotation through the ball? The obvious answer is that these moves created the most repeatable swing in golf's history. But before he found his swing, he experimented with things. Why did he decide to incorporate these things in his swing in the first place?
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  • Dirters Disaster Relief

    Dirters Disaster Relief

    Created on: Saturday, 15 January 2011
    Dirters helping others in need.
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  • Jackie Burke

    Jackie Burke

    Created on: Monday, 10 January 2011
    Of the younger players today, Jack Burke gets his hands on the club very handsomely. Ben Hogan, Five Lessons.
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  • Personal Best

    Personal Best

    Created on: Sunday, 02 January 2011
    A place where you can share stories about achieving personal bests. It may be a new low score at the local club, or a new record for fairways hit, greens in regulation, or even 1-putts! After you've finished celebrating, tell us about it.
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  • "Plain and Simple or Man thats SICK!".. "Plain and Simple or Man thats SICK!"..

    Created on: Thursday, 30 December 2010
    I just got a new putter grip and it's SICK! Whats your grip? "Plain and Simple or Man thats SICK!".. We spend so much money on golf clubs but use $1+ grips on them! Most never think about kind or style's out there and what is different from the old black rubber or Winn... Well, my friends at are always cooking it up, working hard to keep it fresh and if you like out there, they got it!...
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  • The Real Moe Norman

    The Real Moe Norman

    Created on: Monday, 27 December 2010
    Greg Lavern and I are now members of the web site. If you want to ask Greg or me any questions about Moe or the book this is the place to ask. We wrote the book with Lawson Mitchell because there is in our opinion alot of misinformation out there about Moe the man and his swing. This is not because anyone is being dishonest but because no one who knew Moe way back when has really stepped forward and talked about him and his swing without...
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