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The right Hand slap or push


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Discussion started by Lee Comeaux, on 8 years ago
Where the power comes from as well as the direction.
I hit the ball the best when I am growing the club head into the ball. The more I try to lag the club the worse I hit it. I don't know if you could categorize the swing into "laggers" or people with a lot of forward lean at impact or, what I would call true loft players that stand the shaft straight up at impact. I was watching Geoff this weekend and it is clear to me that he hits it with his right hand and stands the club straight up at impact Chad Cambell is the same way, right hand slap or push. Then you have Davis Love, Nicholas types that are left arm pull swings. The power is maintained by having the tightest circle with perfect stability at impact, kind of like a spinning top, but what spins the top? It's got to be the hands. We are not moving purely horizontal like a top, we are going down as well, so is it more powerful to swing like a baseball bat or an axe?
8 years ago