George Knudson Swing Theories


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George Knudson Swing Theories
Creating a central area to share videos pics and the ideas put forward by George Knudson. Hopefully this will make researching George convenient for folks.
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  • Mike Maves
    Testing Discussions
    I have been testing the 'move' and the test results are excellent. For me I flex the knees quite a bit (Knudson) and knock the knees for a reverse k feel. From that position the knavel thing seems to be linear back and linear on the forward swing which seems to be the perfect govenor for the amount of hip turn back and through. It seems like a half swing and I believe it to be my best power place. Interesting note: In Palmer's book from the 1980's he said that the difference between a half swing and a full swing was about ten yards so pretty much why bother if you can't handle that parallel place.
    Last replied by Nason Richmond on Saturday, 14 September 2013