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Henry Cotton
  • Should have said that i was bit young for Sir Henry's visit and also missed out on another Open champion Max Faulkner but I did get to see two of the best British golfers of their era Dai Rees and Neil Coles. Coles was (is) one of the best ball strikers i've ever seen close up. Closed face at the top but beautiful flowing swing through the ball.
    3 years ago
  • Big Henry Cotton fan as the first instruction book my Dad had was "Henry Cotton Says"
    He was fairly local to my home golf club in Cheshire and did visit our club reportedly to have a look at two of the best junior members at the time. One, John Barnet went on to become the pro at Royal St Davids and was later Captain of the PGA. John Coclough the other became pro and greenkeeper at our club.
    3 years ago
For all things Sir Henry,
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